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Holdfast entered the market in the early 1980’s manufacturing roof racks and bike racks. Within 3 years the need for a good roof-rack system was realised and the company looked to Europe for a supplier. When dealing with Europe became a problem in the mid-eighties, we started to produce our own roof racks for cars with rain gutters.As vehicles became more streamlined and gutters were being dropped, we developed a range for cars without raingutters.

At about the same time we started producing suction-pad fishing rod holders, which proved to be a popular addition to the range.Cycling became one of the most popular sports in the country and to meet the challenge, we decided to produce a cycle carrier that would stand up well to South Africa road conditions. As the requirements of a very demanding industry became more sophisticated, we began to develop a range of products that suit the pockets of our local customers.

Our latest development has been a new streamlined range of roof racks specifically for cars without rain gutters, cars with rails and vehicles with canopies.Holdfast prides itself on being an innovator, at the same time as identifying trends from well-established global brands and adapting them to suit local conditions. We have a great deal of pride in what we make, with production of a quality product being our absolute priority. To know that every customer is a happy and satisfied user of our products is something that we continually strive for and achieve.

Today, you will find the Holdfast factory nestled below the slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town where the two Oceans meet.

We employ a group of dedicated people from all walks of life and pride ourselves on an exceptionally low turnover of staff due, we believe, to our offering an engaging and friendly working environment for all to share.


When was Holdfast established?
Holdfast entered the market in the early 1980’s manufacturing roof racks and bike racks and has since become one of the leading suppliers in South Africa’s for roof racks and bike carriers.

I don’t have a tow-bar but I want to get a bike rack, help!

Don’t worry about not having a tow-bar, we have you covered with our Holdfast Boot Carrier that allows you to travel with up to 3 bicycles on a sedan or hatch-back motor vehicle.

My bicycles move around whilst on my bicycle carrier during transport. How do I secure them?

Each bicycle carrier has a tie-down included in the box, and Holdfast highly recommends that each bicycle be strapped to the carrier to avoid any movement by making use of the tie-down provided.

I own a 4 x 4 vehicle and can’t seem to find a bicycle carrier suitable for the rear as my spare tyre is in the way. Can Holdfast offer any solution?

Holdfast has manufactured and developed a bicycle carrier that is suitable for vehicles with spare wheels. The carrier is known as the Wheelie Carrier, you can view it here. Alternatively, if your vehicle has a tow bar, it can be extended by using on of the Holdfast Baseplate Extensions, you can view it here.

I need a roof rack for my vehicle, what information do you require so I can find out if you have something suitable?

Please make contact with us here and provide your vehicle make, model, year and type of vehicle. Alternatively, you can browse through our online fitment catalog to see if your vehicle is listed.

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